Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Time No Blog...

Couple of topics for me to cover today:
1. Apology 2. My Neighbor, my saviour 3. The Weather 4. My New Collection

So first things first: I must apologize again for being so tardy on my posts. It has just been a crazy time. With opening a new store, working on new product lines, getting used the the winter weather and the commute with snow and rainfall... I have been slacking! There it is, the truth is out and I have admitted I have slacked on my blog! So so sorry!
I have been busy in the new store and meeting so many new people! I love Chevy Chase and the new location. You know, I am right next door to Mon Tea.

I have been drinking green tea every day since I moved in the new location. Secret revealed! I haven't felt better! I have been feeling bad for some time, but since I moved to the new location and with the help of my neighbor... I have been drinking Green Tea! I really think its helped! You should come get some and stop by and say "hi"! We can drink and get healthy together! If you aren't in Lexington, you can buy it online. They have a great assortment and you should read their website. Lots of good information. Check them out at

I recently met a photographer by the name of Amy Stickler. She does great things with her photos. The company name is Aim Photography. Check out this lovely photo of her little girl in one of my Cradle Will Rock Pillow Case Dresses! Be sure to look for her on Facebook: Aim Photography

There is rain today and it is expected through the night.

Tomorrow we are told we will have some snow. The best part is that my store is right next to Mon Tea and you can grab yourself a cup to warm up. But Enough! Spring just get here soon, I am ready! Monday is the first day we will see some sunshine according to newscasts!

My new TEA COLLECTION is a cute and affordable line. Come try them on with your little one. There are even a few things for you Mommies!