Friday, May 28, 2010

3 Day Weekend - Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Memorial Day... let us not forget!

Happy 3-Day Weekend to everyone! And to you special folk, happy 4-Day Weekend! I notice not a lot of cars on the road this morning. I am wondering, where is everyone? I suspect, they are taking the day off! Lucky dogs!

The weather forecast isn't ideal but the idea of a 3 or 4 day weekend is! I hope you all have fun. Memorial Day means time off. Time with family. Time to enjoy the days that run together like a great vacation! Time to enjoy a movie and time for some ice cream! Bring on summer! The best place to get ice cream around here is Graeter's.

They make their ice cream the old fashioned way, two gallons at a time. You can buy it at the supermarket

but going to an ice cream shop is so much fun! They have been around since 1870. Based out of Cinncinnati, OH but here in Lexington, Louisville, North Kentucky, Columbus, Dayton, and Indiana. You can buy online too!

Find them @ 325 Romany Road, Lexington, KY (859) 268-8785 or 3735 Palomar Centre Dr, Lexington, KY (859) 296-9636

The flavors: special in May is Blackberry White Chocolate Chip

and in June its Mango Sorbet! Have you ever tried their Peanut Butter Chip or Toffee Chip? OMG! Yum! The BlackRaspberry Chip

or Coconut Chip also sound aaah-mazing! My favorite named ice cream is Buckeye Blitz! Sounds fun but I haven't tried it yet. How about their sundaes? The White Tower is Chocolate and Chocolate Chip ice cream topped with Marshmallow. I think my son would love this!

Take your little ones. Dress your little girl in her ICE CREAM SUNDAE dress!

I will be working, sewing, and getting ready for the Fashion Show on June 5th. I hope you are ready because I am! This is going to be so much fun! Stop by and say Hi! Bring me a scoop or two!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lexington Points of Interest

Did you know the first millionaire West of the Alleghenies settled right here in Lexington?

This is the house built in 1814 by John Wesley Hunt, the first millionaire west of the Alleghenies. The house features the Alexander T. Hunt Civil War Museum

The Mary Todd-Lincoln House is also right here in good ol' Lexington.

This house was completed in 1806 and occupied by the Todd family from 1932 to 1849. Mary brought her family to visit her childhood home in 1847. Her husband, Abraham, (you remember him right?)
spent hours in her father's extensive library, where he met the remarkable Henry Clay.

Memorial Day is coming this Monday... just a few days away! In honor of Memorial Day, I will be selling my dresses at a discount. Be watching to see what I will be doing to remember those who fought for our country to honor our country. I will have a special sale! Small businesses made this country great. Come support a small and independently woman owned business that defies CHAIN RETAIL STORES!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Being from California, the one thing I will never get is the 82 degree weather high with chance of isolated thunderstorms! Wow! This weather here is all over the board. Mother Nature touches everything so you don't miss a thing here in Lexington! I am quite sure it will feel like I am a monkey in the rainforest! Warm but wet! If its good for the rain forest it must be good for my skin!
I will think positive!

I am sewing like mad. Creating more dresses and some other fun things. I have some new things I can't wait to share!

So in honor of all the little monkeys out there (aka: children) and the real monkeys and the rain forest and our Kentucky weather... I am posting a picture of my sock monkey pillow case dress and the inspiration that all kids just love.

The Sock Monkey!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I've been so busy!

Truth be told... the Mayfest wasn't as busy as I thought it would be but it was steady! I need to create a few (eh hem...) dresses. I was pretty cleaned out and that is a GOOD thing!

l feel energy today because the SUN is out and that always makes me feel like I can handle anything!

The sunshine is like a giant dose of vitamin C. Bring it on! Today, yes its Monday... I feel like I can fly! The other reason is because Grama is visiting!

My little boy is soooo happy! Nothing better than having Grama visit! Maybe that is why I feel so full of energy too!

June is nearing and the Fashion Show is on June 5th! So just 12 days away! Have you stopped by my store to get your little one in to model?

Have you ever seen a Pink Poodle?

It is a little cruel to the little pooch! I think if you want a pink poodle, you need to wear it. Everyone will smile at this pink poodle. It's better than the alternative! People pointing and staring and wondering WHY would a person do such a thing!