Saturday, July 3, 2010

We are 3 days into July...Woohoo!

Day 3 into July... the time is flying. I will be on vacation in no time. I will also finally get to share my secret.

What I can't get out of my mind is WATERMELON! I love watermelon! Another item that makes it feel like summer!
I can take it in so many ways:
ala carte:

watermelon ice:

fresh watermelon press juice with ice:
watermelon margarita:

watermelon bubble gum:

When the others aren't readily available, this will help get you through!

Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Count Down is Official!

Things to get ready:
Big Tub
Drinks - make mine Coke
Fireworks Show

Check out this link for a 4th of July concert and fireworks show in Lexington:

Let me share a beauty with you. She's so pretty she can make a sock monkey cry!

Happy July 2nd! Only two days away to get your holiday on!

Everyone knows and loves the Sock Monkey, right? Well did you know that around 1951 The Nelson Knitting company discovered that their socks were being made to make monkey dolls. By 1953 they got into a lawsuit over design patent and finally in 1955 they were awarded the patent. So what they did was include a free pattern for the Sock Monkey Doll in each pair of socks sold. Everyone has heard or seen the Red Heeled Sock Monkey. Well he came about in 1958 when a scrap-craft magazine called Pack-O-Fun published "How to make sock monkeys". Today the sock monkey is as popular as the teddy bear. And if you are a vintage loving person, then your little one should own a Sock Monkey,
red heeled or not. The modern-ista's are making sock monkeys with all sorts of patterns now. A sock monkey with polka dot, colorful stripes, mis-matched. They are all fun and whatever makes you or your little one smile is what is important.

My tribute to The Sock Monkey is in a dress.

The Cradle Will Rock Sock Monkey Dress

Thursday, July 1, 2010

5 Months Down + June done = Hello July!

July always means summer to me! Hello July! Jumping up and down with joy. I am a July baby so I love July. I celebrate every day! Woohoo!

My vacation is just around the corner. So so excited about this. Can't wait to show you all the photos.
My secret will soon be revealed. Hey... I don't want to hold back, I wanna spill the beans. The blogger in me says, people like to be teased. So there! I am teasing you! WINK!

What do you love about July? I love summery food. I love tacos.

I used to have my shop on Main Street in Seal Beach, California. A great place to go have a taco and then stroll down to the pier and get some fresh air when you need a break. Sometimes during the day and sometimes in the evening. It was all very refreshing.

I've been scouting out places I might bring back that feeling (yeah well minus the walk on the pier and the smell of the ocean). I have found a place that seems to do fish tacos surprisingly well and if you like carne asada like I do... run for Clamatos. They are located at 2304 Versailles Road, Lexington-Fayette, KY 40504 (859) 260-8925. The kids will like the decor and you will enjoy the food. The burritos if you check out the veggies have a nice grill mark on them! Some people say they can drink the salsa it is so good. I like it just fine!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbye June! Hello July!

Can you believe June is almost gone. Today is the 30th. WOW! Time flies! My vacation is creeping up on me. So excited. But before that we have July 1st tomorrow. Welcome July!

July means a month of free summertime activity. School was out in June and doesnt start back up until September. June and September are beginning and ending months. This is why I love July and August. Nothing but summer fun. I am a July baby. My son is also a July baby. My husband and first son are both June babies. We are a summer family! Bring it on!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Whats Cooking at Cradle Will Rock!

One of my Cradle Will Rock models cooking up something at home! Cooking is something that makes us all happy. As you can see here, you can be stylish while cooking your favorite meal. BBQ season is in full force. Do you know someone with a summer baby (aka not such a baby anymore) who needs to have a fun and unique birthday gift. I think my "stylish" chef hat and mitt will be a great little gift.

Speaking of BBQ season. I am a fan of Guy Fieri. He used to live in Long Beach, California. That is my old neck of the woods.
I will tell you that I recently heard that JJ McBrewsters American Smokehouse is a great place to go.
I watch his show Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. They do pulled pork, panini's, spuds, ribs... all BBQ delicious. It comes on good authority so head down there for your next dinner out when the "stylish" chef needs a break!

My vacation is just around the corner. I am geared up and ready to go. The hubby is back in California doing some much needed work around the CA house and of course, regular work (someone's gotta pay for it).
Then he is back to enjoy our Lake Cumberland wonderland called summer vacation! Can't wait to show you our pictures! And don't forget. My secret... yes, its still a secret! I will share soon... promise!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This picture makes my Sunday!

My Retro fabric combined with matching cowgirl boots... what more could you ask for. She is absolutely adorable. Happy to have her model for me!