Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teaching the little ones... about history

Since I came from Seal Beach I am posting a photo of their Red Car Museum which is situated just blocks from the beach in the center of town on "the greenbelt". The rare Pacific Electric tower car was built in 1925. A little retro don't you think? It gives you a rare look at the history of the red car and the history of Seal Beach. Did you know it was once a very cosmopolitan town ("Joy Town") with a beachfront amusement park. It is said it used to have a lot of rum running down here too.

Since I am now housed and local in Lexington, I thought it would be good to mention the Lexington History Museum. The architecture is amazing. It just opened in 2003. It used to be the Fayette County Courthouse. Lots of exhibits to see: they have an antique typewriters exhibit, an exhibit of Abraham Lincoln. What kid doesn't love Abe Lincoln? This should be something you put on your calendar soon!

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