Saturday, April 10, 2010

I've got my eye on you!

NEW YORK! Yes, I have my eye on New York. This comes to no surprise to my family or friends but I love New York!

I can't wait to take my walk through Central Park. I will be so happy to be there... I may even jog!

This little lady will be an attraction as well. New York without her would not be the same!

I imagine a helicopter ride over New York City in the evening when its clear and all the lights are on. The beauty of the Chrysler Building and all the others. World Trade Center we miss you so! You won't be forgotten.

Can't wait to take a taxi ride over the bridge. The shopping, the food, the people. Oh how I crave a hot dog from a corner hot dog stand! Yes, I know they are everywhere but there is nothing that beats a New York dog!

So now its public. Everyone knows that I love New York. I love to visit! Question is, who is coming with me? Is it you?

I am sending this today to a friend of a friend for a relatives 1st birthday! This is a gift from me to them. Wouldn't your little one look adorable in this little outfit. Photos of the birthday girl to follow!

Not everyone gets this special treatment... but today this is for someone who helps me with my blog and website! I am creative not technical!

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