Saturday, July 17, 2010

Little Rocker Room Organizer & Decor

This is a cool way to get your little rocker to hang up his/her backpack, jacket, or whatever needs to be off the floor.

Set of 3 only $19.99 at a Bed Bath and Beyond.
You can buy online too:

I found a bunch of very hip, rocker type decor items for you to deck out your little rocker's room.

Can you believe Pottery Barn sells these. They really work. You can even have them monogrammed with your little rocker or rockette's name!

This is a cool lamp too!

They have a light bar for your "real guitar"... so check out the site for that!

This makes everything look "real official". Love the idea of it!

This is a really cool drum mural. I think my little one would love it! Its much quieter than the real thing!

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