Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I have missed you so.....

Hi Everyone,

Yes, I have returned.
Yes, I know I have been MIA on my blog.
Yes, I have been busy ever since I returned.
To those of you who guessed... My husband and I got a house in Kentucky! I believe you can now say we are planted here in the Blue Grass State! We still have our California home... but this is home sweet home!

The vacation was great! I still don't have my photos to show you. I can tell you a certain Children's Clothing Store Owner jumped from a 30 foot cliff straight into the river water... with the fear of a baby bird's first flight out of the nest! I jumped after such a long time... I thought my husband would drown treading water waiting... and waiting... and waiting.... for me to take the jump! That is why I did it! I couldn't have him drown waiting for me!

On another note...
The Artists Market has been happening all summer long. Check out what is coming August 21-22!

Have you seen the lovely face makeup they are doing for all the kids! It looks great with my dresses. Be sure to come check out my new stuff.

I think I would let my little girl wear this until it wore off. I love it! Looks so fairy like and so enchanting!


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