Thursday, September 23, 2010

Secret in my Garden....

Indeed, a little secret in my garden! CUTE!!! Don't you just love her? I love the smile, the dress and the garden. Thanks Mom's for sending me photos of your little angels! Adorable!

I would love to have everyone be this cute. I have a few postings to catch up on. I've been sewing like mad. The World Equestrian Games are nearly here. Lots of people will be here. Could just about wrap up the year with a good showing! The games are from 9/25 to 10/10.
If you want to check it out online, you can watch the races. They will have all sorts of competitions: dressage, vaulting, driving, endurance, reining, jumping, para dressage, and eventing. The World Equestrian Games are comprised of the world championships for eight equestrian sports. The Games are held every four years, two years prior to the Olympic Games, and are governed by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). 58 countries have submitted nominations. Everything you would or could want to know, you will learn here.
This is what makes Lexington wonderful... we are in horse country!

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