Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stylize & Winterize Your Summer Attire!

Just because winter is nearing doesn't mean you can't take what was so cool in summer and warm it up for fall or winterize it during the winter months. See how some of my Mommy Friends are styling and Fall or Winter-izing their summer wardrobes! This is the way to "stylize and winterize" (and should I mention "recession-ize" my Cradle Will Rock pillowcase dress or princess dress.

Winter and Fall = Layers
Think turtlenecks & long sleeves

Think tights or leggings

Think cable knit sweaters
Think Uggs or Boots

Think little knit hats, scarves, mittens

Think jeans or cordouroys

Think jean jackets

These photos are proof that you can style your little one with your summer togs. Come check out some of my new dresses with great warm colors!

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