Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Know Me Is To Love Me...

If you love me or want to know me, these are the things that make me go MMMMMM.....

The simplest of my pleasures and most guilty is this:
Coke with crushed ice

and a long, hot, uninterupted bath!
However, I do love so many other things...some which are simple:

Green Tea on cold days next door at Mon Tea

Getting unexpected presents from my love or friends

Waking up and feeling good to be alive and healthy

Some good barbeque with my son

Having a great hair day - that makes everyday great

and some expensive...

the new Porsche Panamera - oooh la la

a convertible Bentley - I will use this one in California

big horse property in KY - yes it would be grand!

and the most precious of all, the ones which are priceless!
(I wish I had photos for these)

Sitting with my husband and son watching a fun movie

Talking with all my Mommy customers at my store

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