Friday, October 12, 2012

Good Afternoon Everyone

Hey everyone sorry I haven't been blogging to you lately I have just been so busy with the move and all my sewing. I am pleased to tell you that I am fully settled into my lovely home in California and back on the road to success with all my funky creations. Since being back I have been enjoying the beautiful weather and the beach almost everyday and sewing as much as I possibly can. I have have been going to the all the local boutiques and working with store owners and managers to get my clothing sold in their stores. Recently I have been selling my main products at farmers markets and the energy has been amazing. Being welcomed back by all my friends and family and finding so much support has been so inspiring. Moving back and being reunited with so many of my old friends has inspired me to even expand my line!! This spring I will be releasing my new line of adult womens clothing, so now not only will your children and neices look adorable but their mommies and aunts can look just as fabulous. A new expansion has also opened my mind into searching for the new perfect location to sell and design my new and imporved look. Not only will buyers be able to come to the store to browse and chat, but they will also be able to put in a custom order to be ready in only two hours time! I am excited to be starting this new journey in California and I will deffinatley keep all of you upated. Have a wonderful Friday!

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