Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Need My Coffee In The Morning!

Every morning I wake up, get myself ready, take my son to school and then I am actively seeking my Cup O' Joe!

I really enjoy having my coffee and a donut. Sometimes the donut is from Spaldings. I have talked about this before. Today I am discussing the main character of my morning which is Coffee!

I love Illy Coffee. People talk about Starbucks and no offense to them but they do not rock my coffee world. Illy Coffee is amazing.

It is about as pricey as Starbucks but oh so superior! The much cheaper version is Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Surprise Surprise, they do make a great coffee.

I am also a fan of Eight O'Clock Original. The cost of Eight O'Clock and Dunkin Donut's is far less than the more popular Starbucks Coffee. The Illy Coffee will put you out about as much as Starbucks but it is money well spent. Smooth and delicious.

The best drip coffee in town is at Magee's Bakery. They are located at 726 E. Main Street, Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 255-9481
What to love about Magee's is that they have a self service drip coffee bar that hosts 5 different kinds. The biscuits are amazing. If you like breakfast sandwiches, the Sausage Biscuit is out of this world. It's been said that it's possible that God eats these for breakfast. I think they are one of the only places who does Breakfast Casseroles. YUM! Don't get hooked on the pastries! They are known for them. They make cakes here and they are beautiful and very good. I have it on good authority that their grown up buttercream birthday cakes are 5-Star!

Go get yourself some.... Bon Apetit'!

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