Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Day!

Happy May 1st Everyone! Did you know that May Day occurs on May 1st and refers to several public holidays for many countries around the world. It is like the real labor day.

Today I feel like calling Mayday Mayday because it is horrible weather outside and doesn't she (Mother Nature) know that it is the beginning of the Kentucky Derby? I also feel compelled to take a Labor Day day off! I have had a very long week! This is what the weather is supposed to look like:

Instead we have thunder, lightning, rain... I am ready for SPRING without the showers! And no, I won't take the day off! Drats!

I spent the day selling hats with Anne Sawyer for the big event. We were at Churchill Downs and let me tell you, the hat's are GORGEOUS! The hats range from $170 to $1200 and I am quite certain if you wanted something very special she would do it for you! The prices vary. Check out Anne's history with the event and her gallery of hats here:

So when all the ladies put on their Kentucky Derby best dress and hat for the events... I say the little ones should stay home with Grandma and bake. Why not bake in your best and most fun sundress and have your matching chef's hat too?

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