Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Count Down is Official!

Things to get ready:
Big Tub
Drinks - make mine Coke
Fireworks Show

Check out this link for a 4th of July concert and fireworks show in Lexington:

Let me share a beauty with you. She's so pretty she can make a sock monkey cry!

Happy July 2nd! Only two days away to get your holiday on!

Everyone knows and loves the Sock Monkey, right? Well did you know that around 1951 The Nelson Knitting company discovered that their socks were being made to make monkey dolls. By 1953 they got into a lawsuit over design patent and finally in 1955 they were awarded the patent. So what they did was include a free pattern for the Sock Monkey Doll in each pair of socks sold. Everyone has heard or seen the Red Heeled Sock Monkey. Well he came about in 1958 when a scrap-craft magazine called Pack-O-Fun published "How to make sock monkeys". Today the sock monkey is as popular as the teddy bear. And if you are a vintage loving person, then your little one should own a Sock Monkey,
red heeled or not. The modern-ista's are making sock monkeys with all sorts of patterns now. A sock monkey with polka dot, colorful stripes, mis-matched. They are all fun and whatever makes you or your little one smile is what is important.

My tribute to The Sock Monkey is in a dress.

The Cradle Will Rock Sock Monkey Dress

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Anonymous said...

Now I understand what the MONKEY is all about:) Thanks for the info. Love you April