Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Big News Day!

This morning we have a few showers but the good news is that the Kentucky Derby is just around the corner.

I read that the British jockeys who will be entering the Derby are stuck in Europe because of the volcano that is causing all sorts of havoc with the airlines. Mother Nature!

And I bet the reason the 3.3 magnitude earthquake happened in Maryville, TN is because of what is happening with our planet. Volcano's erupting, earthquakes all over the world, and now we had one close to Kentucky! Go figure! I left California thinking I left those behind but no! They are following me!

Today we are having a few showers. But the past few days have been just lovely. Beautiful sunshine, flowers a blooming, and everyone outside walking their dogs and bicycling! It makes you want to sing and laugh!

If you are going to the Derby you will need a hat. The Derby is known for hat wearing ladies. This recently famous trio escorted by one of the worlds oldest bachelors (Hugh Hefner) wearing their Kentucky Derby best!

So get your little lady a hat from me! You can adorn it with a big flower for the special occasion. Come check out my assortment. They are nearly like the real thing!

If you want to do something special for your Mom, your wife, or someone special in your family; Mothers Day is right around the corner. These photos are compliments of Zoombug Photos. Give her a call and make your appointment for your shoot today!


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