Monday, May 24, 2010

I've been so busy!

Truth be told... the Mayfest wasn't as busy as I thought it would be but it was steady! I need to create a few (eh hem...) dresses. I was pretty cleaned out and that is a GOOD thing!

l feel energy today because the SUN is out and that always makes me feel like I can handle anything!

The sunshine is like a giant dose of vitamin C. Bring it on! Today, yes its Monday... I feel like I can fly! The other reason is because Grama is visiting!

My little boy is soooo happy! Nothing better than having Grama visit! Maybe that is why I feel so full of energy too!

June is nearing and the Fashion Show is on June 5th! So just 12 days away! Have you stopped by my store to get your little one in to model?

Have you ever seen a Pink Poodle?

It is a little cruel to the little pooch! I think if you want a pink poodle, you need to wear it. Everyone will smile at this pink poodle. It's better than the alternative! People pointing and staring and wondering WHY would a person do such a thing!

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