Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Being from California, the one thing I will never get is the 82 degree weather high with chance of isolated thunderstorms! Wow! This weather here is all over the board. Mother Nature touches everything so you don't miss a thing here in Lexington! I am quite sure it will feel like I am a monkey in the rainforest! Warm but wet! If its good for the rain forest it must be good for my skin!
I will think positive!

I am sewing like mad. Creating more dresses and some other fun things. I have some new things I can't wait to share!

So in honor of all the little monkeys out there (aka: children) and the real monkeys and the rain forest and our Kentucky weather... I am posting a picture of my sock monkey pillow case dress and the inspiration that all kids just love.

The Sock Monkey!

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