Thursday, May 6, 2010

Only Four Days "Til Mothers Day!

You have four days to prepare and plan for Sunday. YES! It is Mother's Day! I am a mother. I am constantly talking to mothers and without us... the world would not be the same place. How much do you love your Mom?

Big Hits with us Moms:

Some Flowers, maybe a modern twist:

How about a new summer tote and pair of comfy wedgies?

Of course the summer chemise to go with those:

Dad could send her to the local salon and have a mani/pedi scheduled for her in advance of the day! Maybe Saturday? Some bright pink polish to go with that great dress! I hear Lucky Nails gets rave reviews. I am not one to do my nails but this is the place. Find Lucky Nails at 3344 Partner Place, Lexington, KY 40503 (859) 219-1111It's a family run business and I am a BIG FAN of Family Run Businesses!

How about taking her out to breakfast. Want a funky, local, and of course yummy place to go? Here is where:
Doodles Restaurant 262 North Limestone, Lexington, KY 40507(859) 317-8507

And one final thought... We all love to remember great days. Mom would love to have a photo shoot of her and her family. Why not schedule a seating with Priscilla B Photography

There is Zoombug too. See who you best fit with and schedule a memory that will be a beautiful one.

You just have to remember to come visit me at my store. I am easy to find.

I can help plan the look you want in the photos. I work with both of these ladies and they make the magic happen on film.

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