Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time To Dry Out!

Well thank goodness we are going to have some time to dry out. I have a friend in Franklin, TN who said they are okay but a great many people are not so close to them. Our prayers go out to those who have been displaced by this weather. With the economy the way it is, stuff like this is enough to push you over the edge.

I should have been highlighting some of my golashes! Take a peek!

Nothing says Rocker like these!

And I am pretty sure that it won't even have to be wet outside to have your little rocker wearing these!

*** Reminder... It's Mother's Day on Sunday, YES! THIS Sunday! ****

Think of how you can dedicate your Sunday to your Mom! She is a one of a kind being who was here to give you life. So celebrate her. If it is a simple card, a huge bouquet of flowers, breakfast out, or maybe a home cooked meal... do it with love and be sure to shower her with kisses and hugs! Mom's are great so get ready to celebrate her day! Only 6 days until the big day!

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