Friday, July 9, 2010

Cradle Will Rock Puzzle... can you guess?

June gloom is the pits. July gloom is just... well gloomy. It really is a bummer to think we are entering my birthday month with weather like today. Thunderstorms? NOT my idea of a summer July in beautiful Lexington. Oh and did I tell you I was in Ohio for the 4th of July weekend? I drove into town and my heart sang. It is really beautiful here. Lexington I love you!

My Secret is about to be revealed. I am waiting 'til the fat lady sings on this one but for fun... I am giving you some random hints. If you put a few of these together you may get the right combination and know the secret. Tell me what you think it is.


Anonymous said...

you guys got a house!!!!
if so CONGRATS!! and i gouess if not then your good. :D

Anonymous said...

A new house!