Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th! Happy Independence Day to you all!

Isn't she just a beauty. I love this fabric and particularly this photo. I HAD to share it with you. I love all of my models. They are the essence of what my dresses are all about. Beauty and simplicity combined together is just simple beauty.

It's the holiday today. YAY! 4th of July finally made it here! So get yourself dressed, then dress your little ones (hopefully in the Cradle Will Rock dress you just purchased). I know you will look beautiful!

I know there must be plans for a big family bbq (mmm bbq steak and some corn on the cobb)

Maybe a picnic with some of that great potato salad? Or that great 4th of July Cake?

Or will you just spend the day out with friends? Maybe a cold beer or a great cold glass of lemonade?

I know TV is showing Wimbeldon, Indy Car Racing, PGA Golf Tour... It may be hard to get your man out of the house.
In either case, I'm sure the evening will end with a bang (haha). Lots of fireworks and colors to look at in the sky.
Have a very HAPPY 4TH!!!

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