Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sun Sun and more Sun!

Today they say it is going to get up to 94 degrees.

I love the hot weather. This weather for some may be unbearable. Being from California we love the sun and hot weather. I read this morning online that tomorrow there are thunderstorms predicted and it will only be for one day. You know that in Baker, California there is this thermometer. It is the world's largest. I wish we had one here!

This is a good thing being that the end of the week is my secret revealed and I want it to be a nice sunny day for that unveiling. Kinda like what's behind door #1!

Also my vacation will begin pronto. That means, reveal secret and head for the lake!

Ok, in all honesty that photo is a picture of the sign on the freeway in California and probably Arizona and Texas to watch for people crossing the freeway (aka border). I thought it was a perfect depiction of my husband, my son and I headed for the lake... and pronto!


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