Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Loving My Customers!

As a merchant who sells a product, I have my doors open daily and I wait for the people to come. Like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams the saying "Build it and they will come"... I sew it and hope they love it!

I love my customers. They are so lovely, fun, crazy, energetic, gentle... I get the whole gamut. That is what makes my job fun and interesting. The personalities are so varied and interesting. Even more fun are their kids!

I make the clothing for children. Who can be more fun than a child? I love when I receive photos of your kids in my clothes! It is such a precious treat! It is why I do it. They look so cute and they inspire me. The best part is that my clothing is not mass produced. It is as custom as it gets! This is a photo I received... I was again very happy!

Or they may have seen me on facebook

which means they would have either been lead to my store or to my etsy page.

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Anonymous said...

she looks like a little doll!