Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer vacation planning full speed ahead!

My family has been planning this vacation for some time. You know how a few weeks ahead, you get the bug and start planning and buying things. Prepping for vacation is part of the fun.

We will be having a house boat on the lake.

I'm planning on taking as little as possible. Wearing as little as possible and relaxing as much as possible.

Bathing suit..... Check... hmmm?

One piece?

Or two piece?

Suntan lotion... Check
Lip Protection... Check
Beach towel... Check

Ed Hardy Do or Die Beach Towel, on sale now at Macy's $34.99 from $50.00

Sunglasses... Check

Coverup.... Check

Sexy or Colorful? Maybe both? I know which one my husband will choose.

I have some decisions to make. I will share more later. I have sewing to do and some stocking up as well. I have lots of fun news. Can't wait to share but that will have to wait as well. I am thinking vacation full speed ahead!!

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