Thursday, June 17, 2010

Vacation Planning Continued...

Husband... Check

Son... Check

Dogs... Check check check

Okay, I have the most important things handled. Now let me share.

We will be taking vacation this summer 2010 to Lake Cumberland in Russell County!

The lake was created and completed in 1951. Can you believe it is man-made? I was surprised. It is actually a great thing because it has brought a lot of revenue ($60 mil dollars) to the county and let's be honest... it gives us people somewhere to go! Originally people did not approve of this lake. Can you believe? What were we thinking? With all the sacrifices that were made, Lake Cumberland is now the number 1 house boating destination in the United States. And I will be enjoying all that can be offered in just a little under a month! Whoo hoo!!!

House boating, jet skiing,



and leisure boating. It is all to be had at the lake. If you don't have a house boat, the lake has cabins and condo's you can rent. They have motels or you can even camp. I want to get my "Lake" on! Bring on summer vacation and how!

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