Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ever heard of a Hot Brown?

Family!!! I am awake and hungry for breakfast. Wake up so we can go to breakfast at Ramsey's Diner!

Everyone says that I HAVE to try the Hot Brown. With hubby in town, I think we are all going to have breakfast! I finally get to experience the well talked about Hot Brown!

What is a Hot Brown? I am told it's about 1 pound of cheese, covering a white gravy, and garnished with bacon. It also has a tomato, turkey, ham and bread, but really, that stuff is irrelevant under all that cheese. The cheese was all melted, because it was, in fact, hot. But the bacon garnish hardly counts as brown.

Turkey is not brown, ham is not brown, tomato is not brown, the bread could be brown? I am told they don't use wheat bread? So where is the brown?

I hear it is very tasty. I mean the 'I Cannot Believe It's This Good' Good! Every artery in your body will be slammed shut, I hear its enough to cause one to suffer a mild stroke just looking at it! Wow I can't wait to try it!

I hear you should wash it down with some fine sweet-tea or maybe a cup of coffee to keep your heart pumping, and they have really fast and friendly service. I wonder where the brown is? I hope to find out this morning!

If there are no more posts after this, you will know that I got to go to breakfast with my family. You will know I experienced the Hot Brown and you will know I have succumb. Maybe heart stopping good. See ya on the other side!

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